My Master

Across my post-graduate career, I have provided numerous work both with my group and individually, here are some of the highlights of my master year at the University of West London:


In the UK, the popularity of 4DX cinema is lower than it could be. 4DX, a cinematic journey, including technological function which can awake human’s five senses, is a new element that is added to a cinema experience.

Social House Kit - Liv3

“Social House Kit” is a project that aims to find the perfect spot in between the three critical elements: beautiful, practical, and affordable.

Nowadays, young key workers find it really difficult to buy their first property, especially if they are working in big cities, the price of the hoses nearly their workplace is unaffordable for them. Therefore, Newco wants to use this idea as a solution for customers who could not afford a house in the current market.

BOSE - Sound of People

In the last few years, Bose is trying to create a culture that engages and motivates first of all their employees, attracts the best new talent, and helps the company run their business with greater efficiency. They are also focusing on changing the perception of their clients regarding the brand, making people feeling more, doing more, and experimenting more with Bose products and technology.