My Work

Throughout my three academic years, I have produced numerous works. To pick the best of the best, I have gone through five considerations: quality of the work, creativity, idea, personal interest, and award. After a depth consideration, below are the pieces:

Most Contents 'Through My Eyes'



My Favourite

 'Nike D-HYPE-TOR'

'Through My Eyes'

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'D853N' official logo

'D853N' official logo

‘Through My Eyes’, is to promote Macau from a local Macanese point of view. In addition, showcasing Macau to foreign people in a different angle and arouse the resonance among the Macanese.

‘Through My Eyes’ will be promoted through a personal brand, called 'D853N', created by me, a local Macanese.

Please scroll down for more contents of the campaign. Fabulous original music produced by Kevin Vong is on your right!

'Through My Eyes' original background music

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by Kevin Vong

'Through My Eyes'

teaser video 1 and 2

'4 Styles of Macau' posters

Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising

'Evolution' by Tu - K

Our agency, Tu - K, formed by five BA Advertising and Public Relations students at the University of West London. Together, we follow the most diverse clients, deconstructing, understanding and executing the most diverse briefs.

The Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising required us to achieve a certain object: growing the awareness of the museum, also, the museum s the one and only place to develop innovative ideas about brand-building in the 21st century over the next three years.

We should not give up the atmosphere of nostalgia inside the museum, but we have to rephrase 'nostalgia' to match client's demand at the same time. Therefore, we suggested 'Evolution' as the new theme of the museum. This pitch also won the Best Use of Emerging Technology award and nominated for many other awards in the UWL Agency Awards.


Press Release

An Inspirational Change:

by Donald Ng Kei U

The following business pitch and idea for Nike are to recommending Nike to develop a new line of high-end streetwear style clothing and shoes, with the involvement of star designers, to help Nike to break into the luxury streetwear brand market.

Nike has undoubtedly been a market leader for decades or even more. However, the fact that competitors have started catching up with Nike or also overtaken them in serval markets is indeed worrying.

Especially in the streetwear clothing market, after a bounce back from their biggest competitor, Adidas, and the rise of luxury streetwear brands such as Off-White and Supreme, were two critical hits on Nike.

In my opinion, Nike should fight back and gain a priority place in this competition. The very effective idea is to collaborate with famous hip-hop stars, such as rappers, singers, and NBA players, selling their Nike's signature shoes, which are designed by themselves at the same time, and call themselves the 'D-HYPE-TOR'.


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